Opening a company in Montenegro in 2 weeks

  • Cost from 3100 EUR from 2790 EUR
  • Full legal support
  • Opening accounts in European banks
  • Company type selection
  • Low tax rates
  • Residence permit

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The advantages of doing business in Montenegro

  • Geographical proximity to EU countries
  • Market with a high level of economic stability and freedom
  • Minimal costs for registration and maintenance of the business
  • The right of business ownership for foreigners
  • Repatriation of dividends without any limitation
  • Low tax rate for legal persons

Taxation in Montenegro

  • Income tax for legal entities — 15 %;
  • Income tax for individuals — 15 %;
  • Income tax at source for non-residents:
    • Dividends — 9 %;
    • Interest — 15 %;
    • Royalties — 15 %.
  • Capital Gains Tax:
    • for legal entities — 9 % of taxable income;
    • for individuals — 15 %.
Open a company in Montenegro to:
  • Enter the single European market;
  • Avoid double taxation;
  • Draw additional capital for business development;
  • Transfer the right of ownership under the simplified procedure;
  • Get residence permit for yourself and your family members.

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Opening a company in Montenegro is a perfect fit for the following business areas:

  • Real Estate Market Montenegro offers a wide range of real estate, the cost of which increases every year. Particularly popular are the objects of the resort regions, where prices for residential apartments start from 100 000 EUR. Construction and development projects in Budva Riviera can bring the greatest profits.
  • Tourism industry  The tourism industry in Montenegro is on a par with Greece, Spain and Italy. Services of local hotels and resort areas are much more accessible than in other Mediterranean countries. It is worth noting that up to 59% of Montenegro's GDP comes from tourism. Thus, an investment in Montenegrin tourism is quite fast and steadily growing profit.
  • Construction market Construction in Montenegro is profitable from an investment point of view, especially if we are talking about the coastal areas of the country. The most attractive for developers are three Montenegrin Riviera - Boko-Kotor, Ulcinj and Bar. Investments can be made both in the buildings under construction, as well as in the land plots for development.
  • Logistics industry Montenegro has a developed logistics infrastructure, and is one of the centers of European shipping. Ports of Bara, Budva, Kotor, and Herceg Novi have gained international importance. In addition, in recent years, there are nine marinas in the country, capable of hosting up to 900 yachts of different classes. With its seaports and marinas, as well as two international airports, Montenegro has become an important transport hub for the Mediterranean market.
  • Investments and finance Montenegro's favorable tax and investment climate contributes to the fact that more and more foreign companies enter the country. Investors are attracted not only by the political and economic stability of the Balkan state, but also by the strengthening of its connection with the global market. Euro is the official currency of Montenegro, which helps speed up the integration of the country into the global economy.
  • Commodity production The productive potential of Montenegro is just beginning to unfold. The mining, food and agricultural industry is well developed in the country. Production of electrical appliances, aluminum products, passenger and cargo ships, textiles, wine and tobacco is well established. Investments in this sector of Montenegrin economy are promising as the country is annually increasing the supply of its products not only to European, but also to the global market.
  • Import of goods Montenegro is one of the largest importers of foreign products among the Balkan countries. Most often goods are delivered from Serbia, China, Germany, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Spain and Switzerland. Thus, a foreign businessman, opening a company in Montenegro, will be able to conclude partnership agreements with the world's leading suppliers of goods for various purposes.
  • Export of goods The potential of Montenegro as an exporter is growing every year. Among the countries that are actively buying Montenegrin products - Serbia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Albania and Poland. Montenegro is a good starting point for those businessmen who are planning to sell their goods or services on the world market.
  • Reexport  Montenegro reserves the right to re-export, that is, the customs procedure of returning the goods in the unchanged form to the foreign supplier. In this case, the Montenegrin Customs fully reimburses the importer the costs incurred in the payment of VAT and customs duty. Refunds are made immediately after the export of goods from the territory of Montenegro.
  • Service business  Development of services in Montenegro contributes to a growing flow of tourists from different countries. In this niche of the Montenegrin market is fixed the largest number of vacancies. The most profitable in the service sector can be considered the hotel and restaurant business, as well as car and yacht rental services. Services of hairdressers and beauty salons are in high demand.

Business registration options in Montenegro supported by iWorld

  • Limited Liability Company (DOO)

    The most common type of companies opened by foreigners in Montenegro. The popularity of DOO is due to the simplicity of registration and limited responsibilities of the co-founders. This means that shareholders are not liable for losses of the company, if they exceed the amount invested by them. DOO can be organized even by one foreigner. Montenegrin legislation does not set minimum requirements for the initial capital of such a legal entity. Limited Liability Company is excellent for running a small business.

  • Public company (AD)

    A legal entity that can enter the financial market or otherwise raise external capital. Shareholders of such a company are responsible only for losses not exceeding the value of the shares. A company can be registered by 2 foreign shareholders. To form a legal entity, it is necessary to have a start-up capital of 25,000 euros or more. Public company best suits the needs of developing and large businesses.

  • Private entrepreneur

    The Private Entrepreneur (PE) is a natural person who has the right to carry out commercial activities in his or her own name. In order to start business, the entrepreneur needs to submit documents to the Registrar of Enterprises, open an account in one of the Montenegrin banks, and obtain a license for commercial activity from the authorized body.

Open a company in Montenegro with the support of qualified lawyers
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • No language skills required
  • 100% result guarantee
  • Full legal support

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Stages of opening a company in Montenegro

  • Applying to a company You apply to iWorld specialists who advise you in detail on all questions on how to open a company in Montenegro. Also they help you to decide what kind of business you will be engaged in and devise a name for the company.
  • Signing a cooperation agreement After the consultation and discussion of the main issues the lawyers of the company offer you to sign an official cooperation agreement which guarantees you financial and legal security.
  • Preparing foundation documents Together with iWorld's qualified experts you prepare all necessary documents for company establishment in Montenegro.
  • Company registration You register your company at the Commercial Registry, pay the state fees and get a tax number, with support from iWorld lawyers.
  • Obtaining a residency permit In order to obtain a residence permit, you visit Montenegro and register your place of residence. In order to apply for residence permit you only need a confirmation of acceptance of diploma for nostrification, as well as application form with company details and power of attorney on iWorld lawyer. You also undergo a medical examination and take out an insurance policy. Company lawyers will accompany you to submit the documents to the Ministry of Interior, where after 2 weeks you take borovak - plastic card, confirming the status of a Montenegrin resident.
  • Open a corporate bank account iWorld specialists help you open a corporate account for your business in one of the Montenegrin banks.

iWorld's services

  • Choosing the place of incorporation We will help you choose the jurisdiction and legal form of business, taking into account the peculiarities of the business environment and your request.
  • Company name check and reservation We reserve the name of your company in Montenegro and get it approved at the registrar.
  • Company registration We prepare package of documents depending on the chosen form of ownership and we interact with governmental authorities until receipt of information about registration of your company.
  • Support at account opening We gather, process and present all documents required for the opening of a corporate account.
  • Legal support Provide full legal support for your business in Montenegro and other countries.
  • Support while getting residence permit We gather, we competently prepare, we translate and we register in the authorized body documents for registration of your status of the resident of Montenegro.

You can pay for the services of our company in any way convenient for you:

  • visa mastercard
    Visa and Mastercard bank cards
  • bank
    Bank transfer to the company's account
  • payoneer stripe
    Payoneer or Stripe payment systems
  • bitcoin
    Any cryptocurrency, preserving confidentiality
Choose the package offer according to your needs
Standard - 3100 EUR 2790 EUR
  • Company formation
  • Filing documents for residence permit
  • Residence registration
  • Diploma notarization
  • Translation and notarization
  • Insurance and medical examination
  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • Personal bank account
  • Corporate bank account
  • Documents for an additional family member
Business - 5000 EUR 4500 EUR
  • Company formation
  • Filing documents for residence permit
  • Residence registration
  • Diploma notarization
  • Translation and notarization
  • Insurance and medical examination
  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • Personal bank account
  • Corporate bank account
  • Documents for an additional family member
All inclusive - 6000 EUR 5400 EUR
  • Company formation
  • Filing documents for residence permit
  • Residence registration
  • Diploma notarization
  • Translation and notarization
  • Insurance and medical examination
  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • Personal bank account
  • Corporate bank account
  • Documents for an additional family member

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  • Highly qualified legal support Experienced lawyers of the company accompany the client at each stage of opening a company in Montenegro and provide detailed advice on all issues arising.

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FAQs about the most popular questions about starting a company in Montenegro

This is a FAQs section about the procedure for obtaining residence permit in Montenegro.

As a rule, the registration of a business in Montenegro, including the preparation of necessary documents takes no more than two weeks.

Yes, you can. After registration of the company you need to submit an application and the necessary documents to the department of Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of registration.

The following requirements for a foreigner opening a business in Montenegro:

  • Have a passport valid for 3 months longer than the period of the residence permit requested;
  • Not to have an unexpunged criminal record;
  • Prove availability of funds for residence in Montenegro;
  • Have no bans for entering Montenegro;
  • To buy or rent Montenegrin accommodation;
  • Have health insurance;
  • Not be a threat to the citizens of Montenegro.

No, it is not necessary to know the language, as you do not have to personally communicate with employees of state authorities of Montenegro.

Opening a company in Montenegro will open you a number of advantages, including:

  • A minimum registered capital of 1 EUR;
  • The right of remote registration of the company;
  • Corporate tax not exceeding 9%;
  • Doing business in conditions of economic stability;
  • Obtaining the basis for registration of a residence permit.

A license is not needed for all types of businesses. The Ministry of Finance and Social Security is responsible for issuing licenses. In order to obtain a business license, you need to provide the founding documents, the employment contracts with employees, the acts on the internal organization of work and the procedures for the application in non-standard situations.

The Montenegrin residence status opens up the following advantages to a foreigner:

  • Residence in an actively developing European country;
  • The prospect of obtaining the citizenship of the European Union;
  • Free access to the real estate market in the resort areas;
  • facilitated opening of visas in the embassies of foreign countries;
  • the services of reliable banks offering long-term loans;
  • the right to relocate to Montenegro with family members.
Apply for residence permit in Montenegro through business
  • Minimum number of documents
  • No language skills required
  • Full legal support
  • Result guaranteed

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